GPVA Social Media Policy

This policy was adopted by the Green Party of Virginia by an interim meeting vote on December 27, 2017.

Overall responsibility for the content of our commercial social media accounts will belong to the Press Secretary. Maintainers, moderators, and other assistants for specific social media accounts may be assigned by the Leadership Council, or by the Press Secretary subject to the consent of the Leadership Council.

Facebook GPVA Main Page: This page is for the promotion of the Green Party of Virginia. It is not a place for party members to debate party positions. Its purpose is to engage the public, to promote the party, and to educate non-party members about the GPVA, its principles, and its political program. The highest standard of behavior and (n)ettiquette is expected from members who participate on the page. Comments that negatively characterize the Green Party or any member of the Green Party may be deleted by the moderators, who will notify the poster of the deletion and the reason for it. Repeat offenders will be banned from the page.

Facebook GPVA Organizing and Discussion Page: This page is for GPVA members to engage one another on topics of direct relevance to the GPVA or GPUS. Only GPVA members may join the page. Greens and others from outside Virginia are not to be given posting privileges. If the post contains a link, image, or other non-textual element, the poster must write accompanying text stating what the relevance is to the GPVA. Posts about other political parties should never be made unless there is a direct and explicit connection to, comparison to, or contrast with the Green Party. Further, all discussion is to observe the highest standards of behavior and (n)ettiquette. Constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement of the Green Party are encouraged, but under no circumstances will personal or implied attacks on the Green Party or on any member of the Green Party be tolerated. Posts or comments in violation of these guidelines will be deleted by the moderators, who will notify the poster of the decision and the reason for it. Repeat offenders will be banned from the page.

GPVA Twitter account: This account is for the posting of timely information about the GPVA, and of official GPVA responses and comments on current events. It is not to be used for personal commentary, or for engaging in debates or other responses to tweets by other organizations or individuals.

No other social media accounts bearing the name "Green Party of Virginia" in any form will be operated without the express consent of the Leadership Council, and then only under guidelines set by the Leadership Council. Take-down notices will be sent to any person or organization making unauthorized use of the name "Green Party of Virginia" or "Virginia Green Party."

All GPVA members are encouraged to assist the moderators in the enforcement of these guidelines by reporting inappropriate posts or comments, and by alerting party members to any unauthorized use of the party's name in social media.