Get Involved

When you are just one person sitting on a warming planet — when you see economies collapsing, wars raging, and reasons for fear on every corner — you can feel powerless, and without hope. 

This turns into pessimism. Then it starts, "I can’t make any difference. Politicians don't care about me." We just get an alarm system, hug our kids a little tighter, and sit out the storm. Unfortunately this is the default reaction of citizens, who in a democracy hold all the power.

We cannot keep waiting for our political saviour, that person who fix ait all.  We can only rely on ourselves.  If you don’t turn onto politics, politics will turn on you. In any society, the people who already have power will try to get the state to work in their interests. Every day, the oil companies and the billionaires are lobbying for their interests — and they speak far louder than their numbers, because they have so much hard cash. If you sit back, shrug, and say you can’t do anything, their interests will prevail over yours.  So it is up to you.  You are not alone..let us band together in one voice, in one accord.  A rope of many cords is stronger than any single cord.

GET INVOLVED!  To change everything, it takes everyone!


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