2018, Jan 28 - Teleconference

agenda  |  minutes


LOCATION: Teleconference meeting using FreeConferenceCall.com. Call/login details to be provided a few days before the meeting. Participants will need access to a computer and the internet in order to cast votes. Non-voting members may fully participate by phone.

TIME: 1pm to 4pm

(For purposes of calculating quorum, currently active locals represented at at least one of the previous two scheduled business meetings were Arlington, Blue Ridge, Charlottesville, Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads, Lynchburg, New River Valley, Richmond, and Shenandoah.)


Choose facilitator, note taker, timekeeper, vibes watcher.

(Notes for our new members: Anyone can be take on any one of these roles for a business meeting. If you would like to volunteer to take one of these roles you are free to do so, or someone may nominate you to do so. In the event two or more people are interested in serving in the same role, a co-chair will poll the members present regarding their preference. Facilitators should be familiar with both consensus practice and parliamentary norms, and possessed of both patience and self-confidence.)

Ratify agenda. (5 min)
Approve minutes of last meeting. (5 min)

OFFICIAL REPORTS (3 mins each -- total 30 mins)

(Detailed reports should be submitted in writing to the business listserve, and highlights only briefly summarized at the meeting.)
Co-Chair's report.
Treasurer's report.
Webmaster's report.
GPUS delegates and committee members' reports.
Local reports.


Confirmation of LC interim decisions: (5 mins)

Committee appointments: Sid Smith to DRC, Tom Yager to Accreditation, Tamar Yager to Finance
Social Media Guidelines

Review of election (10 min)

Report and recommendation of the Committee on Committees. (20 min)

Review of website progress (10 min)


Proposal (from Faifax Green Party) to endorse the Wolf-PAC Resolution (attached). (20 min)

ELECTIONS (60 mins)

(Note: officer and delegate elections are a "major decision" under bylaw Para. 10.3. Voting members will cast their vote online using OpaVote.com.)

Press Secretary
General Secretary
Co-chair (nominally male or "not female"; see bylaws Para. 14.1.1.)
List-serve Moderator
National Delegates (2 delegates, 2 alternates)


Locals present: Blue Ridge, Charlottesville, Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads, Lynchburg, New River Valley, Richmond, and Shenandoah Valley 

Officers present: Male Co-chair, Female Co-Chair, Treasurer, and Webmaster

Facilitator: Sid Smith

Notetaker: Tom Yager

Timekeeper: Steve Gillespie

Vibeswatcher: Kirit Mookerjee

*Approval of meeting agenda

Motion made to overrule Co-chairs' interpretation of bylaws regarding officer and delegates elections and to postpone elections to the next meeting. Failed by vote of 1-25-1

Local reports moved to end of meeting

Add nominations to national party Presidential Campaign Support Committee as time permits

*Richmond schools proposal:

Referred to Press Secretary

*Fairfax pipeline proposal:

Referred to Press Secretary 

*Review of Leadership Council decisions:

1. National Green Party committee appointments:

Sid Smith to Dispute Resolution Committee

Tom Yager to Accreditation Committee

Tamar Yager to Finance Committee

Accepted by consensus with Charlie Jordan standing aside.

2. Social media policy:

Accepted by consensus with the following addition:

"Retweeting is permitted."

*Discussion of 2017 elections

Sid Smith: Jill Stein spoke to him about her work with Greg Palast, who has done research on purging of the voter rolls in Virginia in 2017.

Montigue Magruder: Expressed concerns about election integrity.

*Review of progress on website:

Reported by Chris Fink:

*Recommendations of Committee of Committees:

Dissolve Platform, Steering, and Structural Reform Committees

Rename Activism Committee

Retain Local Organizing Committee

Still in progress;will have completed proposal for Leadership Council or the next business meeting.

*WolfPac proposal:

Referred to committee by consensus


Motion to change election method for National Committee from approval voting to instant runoff voting did not receive a second.

**Male Co-chair: Bryce Davis chosen by consensus

**Press Secretary: By instant runoff voting 

First Round

Ryan Wetsock 12
None of the Above 1

Ryan Wetsock elected 

**General Secretary:  By instant runoff voting

First round:

Sid Smith 11
Audrey Clement 2

Sid Smith elected

**Listserv Moderator: 

By instant runoff voting

First round:

Jonah Thomas 8
Charlie Jordan 3

Jonah Thomas elected 

**Delegates to National Committee:  By approval voting

First and second place elected delegates; third and fourth place elected alternates

Montigue Magruder 11
Tina Rockett 11
Kirit Mookerjee 10
Sid Smith 10
Tom Yager 10
Audrey Clement 3

Montigue Magruder and Tina Rockett elected delegates.

Runoff using instant runoff voting to resolve tie for alternates

First round:

Sid Smith 5
Kirit Mookerjee 3
Tom Yager 3

Sid Smith elected alternate

Kirit Mookerjee and Tom Yager agree that Tom will serve the first half of the term for the other alternate and Kirit will serve the second half.

*Appointments to national Party Presidential Campaign Support Committee:

Kirit Mookerjee and Tom Yager were re-appointed to the Presidential Campaign Support Committee by consensus.

*Meeting adjourned.

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